Where ridges rise up from the Po Valley
and contemplate the highest peaks of the Western Alps

Stage of L’Alta Via delle Alpi Biellesi,

of La Grande Traversata delle Alpi,
it touches on L’Alta Via N°1 (the High Route of the Giants)
and is on the Monti Sacri Way

de La Grande Traversata delle Alpi,
il effleure L’Alta Via N°1 (la Haute Route des Geants)
et se trouve sur le Chemin des Monti Sacri

The hut

The Rivetti is an Italian Alpine Club shelter, stone, solid, and all wrapped in wood inside. Delightful.

We have about forty places

and we prepare food a little all day long to satisfy your appetite!

Simple, wholesome dishes and served with pleasure.

Opening time

14 June

to 22 September 2024

The rest of the year you will find a winter room with 6 beds, spartan but valuable.

(note: there is no stove or gas)

Who we are

An Italian-French family that loves the mountains and life in a refuge!

Federica et Sylvain

 Jeanne, Adèle et Giacomo

The hut history

And in 1921, thanks to the Italian Alpine Club, the first refuge was built, dedicated to two mountaineers carried away by an avalanche from the Colle della Mologna Grande. They were Alfredo Rivetti and Giovanni Edelmann, who on wooden skis and hats passed through here on their way to Monte Rosa. And still an avalanche tore down the refuge itself 4 years later, and a second refuge 7 years after that.

The current hut was rebuilt in 1935, sheltered on a rocky outcrop, then enlarged in 1952 and still standing!


Rivetti Alfredo (Rifugio)